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Call Center questions


What agents should I use? Which agents are better?

There is really not much difference between callback and dynamic agent, it is more that one is better suited for specific environment than the other.

Dynamic agents are always on call, listening music on hold when not serving customers. This type of agents are made for large call centers where agents do not have much time between calls and they constantly keep taking new calls.

Callback agents are better suited for environments in which there are not as many calls. Agents are not on call, but they are rather waiting for their phone to ring, before they answer the call.

What is the best callback setup?

Callback can be set up in two different scenarios. By default, when callback is enabled, system will make a call to the caller that dropped out of queue once agent is available. After the customer answers the call they will be put back in line and answered by next available agent. However, this have a downside, as there is a small chance somebody else might get in the queue in the meantime and get served by that agent, which means that our initial caller might still have to wait some time until his call is served.

This can be avoided by setting option Agent Answer to Yes. When set this way, system will connect to an agent first and only then callback to customer will be initiated.

My agents need to stop receiving calls from queue without logging out, what should I do?

In case your agents need to stop taking calls from queues they are members of, but they still want to be able to make calls, agent can be put in Not Ready state, by dialing *205 on the phone or setting agent to Not Ready state in gloCOM Agent edition. 

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