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CRM :: HOWTO CRM Integration Salesforce

CRM Integration Service

Configure the CRM Integration Service with the following options:

Pressing the toggle button will enable or disable the service.
(E.g. On/Off)
(Toggle button)
  • CRM Type
Select one of the CRM services supported by PBXware.
(E.g. Salesforce)
(Select box)
  • Consumer Key
(E.g. 3MVG95NPsF2gwOiPMAFtKnow2.pft_kop4MIX.b_9icG0o8gLbj41FsxTc9x7zjHrFT9t1yq:)
NOTE: {consumer key set for the exampleapp}
  • Consumer Secret
(E.g. 4793658565474942456)
NOTE: {consumer secret set for the exampleapp}
  • Login URL
(E.g. https://login.salesforce.com)
  • Create Call Log when call starts
Create a call log when a call starts
(E.g. Yes, No, Not Set)
(Options button)

Additionally, the 'Save to enable' button will appear which indicates that a user has to populate all fields on the page and 'Save' settings.


After populating all fields and saving the settings, the 'Test' button will appear.


Upon clicking the button, users will be prompted to a different pop-up window where they can enter the CRM account information in order to test the configuration.

  • Username:
Provide the CRM account's username.
  • Password:
Provide the CRM account's password.
  • Caller ID:
Caller ID to search for a customer (optional).
  • Log Call:
Setting 'Log call' to 'Yes' will create a log inside CRM.
(E.g. Yes/No)
(Options button)

After providing all the necessary information, press 'Run' and the CRM Integration test will be started.

Log Options

Users can enable the CRM default log options that each gloCOM instance is going to use. In addition, each gloCOM instance can set its own log options if needed.

The default log options are:

  • Log inbound calls
(E.g. Yes/No/Not Set)
(Options button)
  • Log outbound calls
(E.g. Yes/No/Not Set)
(Options button)
  • Log answered calls
(E.g. Yes/No/Not Set)
(Options button)
  • Log unanswered calls
(E.g. Yes/No/Not Set)
(Options button)
  • Upload recordings
(E.g. Yes/No/Not Set)
(Options button)

  • Please refer to the example of how to integrate Salesforce CRM with PBXware:

gloCOM Configuration

Salesforce requires the user's security token to be sent with the user's password. For that reason, gloCOM users will first have to get the Security Token if they do not have it already.
(E.g. This security token is then appended to the user’s password. For example, if the security token is 'UcDSN1ivDXEPuz9wtkHvBAaF', the username is 'myusername', and the password is 'mypasswordUcDSN1ivDXEPuz9wtkHvBAaF').
  • Please refer to the example of how to integrate Salesforce CRM with gloCOM:

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