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SERVERware 4:: Running VPSs on mirrored storage server

Running VPSs on the mirrored storage server

While running VPSs is possible on the storage servers, it is not advisable as this might lead to a data
loss under certain conditions. All VPSs should be run on the processing hosts as this is the way to
avoid data loss in the case of failover.

When VPSs run on the storage server, failover of storage server VPSs will result in a data loss of all
data being processed that was not already been written to the disk.

When VPSs run on the Processing Host, failover of storage server will not affect running VPSs as
they will continue to work on the processing host and all data will be flushed to another storage
server when the failover procedure is finished, resulting in no data loss.