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TFTP :: What is TFTP


TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) is a a very simple protocol used for transferring files. The system uses it to send firmware and configuration files to user agents.

Unlike FTP (File Transfer Protocol), TFTP lacks authentication and other advanced features, making it simpler but less secure.

Using TFTP for autoprovisioning is not recommended. Our suggestion is to disable TFTP on the system because it is highly insecure and lacks authentication. If someone obtains a MAC address, they can easily access all the information required to register an extension. Instead of TFTP, we recommend using HTTP or HTTPS for autoprovisioning.

To check if TFTP is running on the system, use the following command:

ps fax | grep 'tftp'

To stop TFTP, use the command:

/opt/pbxware/sh/pbxware stop tftp

and ensure that the 'Disable TFTP' option is set to 'NO' under the PBXware GUI:

Settings -> Tenants -> Master tenant -> Show advanced options (for MT systems)

Settings -> Servers -> Show advanced options (for CC systems)"