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UAD :: HOWTO Polycom Paging (Speaker Phone)

To setup Polycom Sound Point IP phones for speakerphone paging, do as follows:

Configuring system extension

  • Login to the system administration
  • Create or edit the existing extension which will be used by Polycom (click here for more info)
  • Once on the extension configuration screen, click on 'Advanced Options' on the top right-hand side
  • Scroll down to the 'Auto Provisioning' option group
  • Set 'Auto provisioning'='Yes' (this tells the system that the extension will be provisioned when the phone restarts)
  • In the MAC Address field, enter the UAD/Phone MAC address
  • Set additional provisioning details, such as static/dynamic UAD/Phone IP address
  • Navigate to 'Speakerphone Page Auto-Answer SIP Header' options group and set 'Choose Device Type'='Polycom's default'
  • Click on the 'Save' button

Configuring Polycom phone device

By default, the Polycom phone will search for provisioning service using DHCP. If you don't have DHCP set which will provide the system IP for TFTP, then you have to setup Polycom manually. You can do it either when phone is booting or when the phone is already booted by entering the menu and then rebooting the phone.

Phone is already on

  • Enter phone main menu
  • Navigate to 'Setting: Advanced'
  • Enter phone password (default one is 456)
  • Select 'Admin Settings'
  • Enter 'Network Configuration'
  • Navigate to 'Server Menu'
  • Set 'Server Type:Trivial FTP:Server Address'='SYSTEM_IP' (Where SYSTEM_IP = for example)
  • Leave all other options on default value
  • Go back to 'Advanced' menu using 'Exit' button
  • Select 'Restart Phone'

Phone is booting

  • When phone is starting Welcome screen will be displayed for 6 seconds
  • Select 'Setup' while the Welcome screen is displayed
  • Enter phone password (default 456) and scroll down to 'Server' menu and select it
  • Choose 'Server Type: Trivial FTP Server Address: <PBXWare IP>'
  • Leave all other options on default value.
  • Exit boot menu, and leave phone to continue booting
  • If all is set correctly, phone will be provisioned by the system

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