To set up Speakerphone page option, users will have to edit Enhanced Services and enable Speakerphone Page service. Also, on extension, under Advanced Options -> Speakerphone Page Auto-Answer SIP Header (section) -> Choose Device Type, you will select device accordingly. SNOM phones will need some manual configuration in order for Speakerphone Paging to work. In phones web interface under Advanced -> Behavior, you will need to set:

Enable Intercom - On
Type of Intercom Answering - Handsfree
'Answer after' Policy - Always

Speakerphone Paging codes

  • Speakerphone Page:
Access code for transmitting a message to multiple phones via their loudspeakers
(ex. Dial '*399' to speakerphone all Extensions defined under Enhanced Services)
  • Single Speakerphone Page:
Access code for transmitting a message to phones loudspeaker
(ex. Dial '*400 + $EXTENSION' to transmit a message to provided extension/phone loudspeaker)
  • Two Way Speakerphone Page:

PBXware 3.8 brings in new feature in form of Two Way Speakerphone Paging. In order to start two way communication with preferred extension on the system dial *400 + * + $EXTENSION. For example, if you would like to initiate two way speakerphone paging with extension 1038 you will dial: *400*1038.

Access code used to start a two way communication through phones loudspeaker
(ex. Dial '*400 + * + $EXTENSION' to start communication to provided extension/phone loudspeaker)