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General :: Call Pickup

HOWTO Call Pickup

There are two main types of call pickup:

  • Call pickup which is done by dialing '*8' access code
  • Directed pickup which is done by dialing '*88 + EXTENSION'

Call pickup

Call pickup allows you to answer a call from any ringing phone that has the same call group as your phone. If more than one phone is ringing, you would have no control over which call you answered.


  1. Extension 1003 is added to 'Call group 1' which is done by entering 1 in 'Extensions -> Edit extension -> Call Group'
  2. Extension 1100 is added to 'Pickup group 1' (enter 1 in 'Extensions -> Edit extension -> Pickup Group' )
  3. Extension 1002 calls extension 1003
  4. Extension 1003 rings
  5. 1100 dials *8 thus picking up the call from 1003.

NOTE: If more extensions inside Call group 1 were ringing, you would have no influence over which one of them would be picked up.

Directed pickup

Directed pickup allows you to pick up a call from a specific extension by dialing '*88 + EXTENSION' . For this to work, your extensions doesn't have to be assigned to any call group/pickup group.


  • Extension 1002 calls extension 1003
  • Extension 1003 rings
  • 1100 dials *881003 and call will be picked up.