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PIN Based Dialing - PBD


Pin-Based Dialing in PBXware is a powerful tool to enhance security, control, and monitoring in your communication system. By following these steps, you can seamlessly enable and manage PBD to suit your organization's unique needs, providing a secure and controlled communication environment for your users.

To get started with PBD, reach out to your dedicated Account Manager. They will assist you in enabling this feature for your PBXware system. 

Once PBD is enabled, it's essential to re-license PBXware to incorporate the changes. Follow steps from the link in order to successfully re-license system: How to re-license PBXware system

How it works

Every extension has its own unique PBD PIN. When you are making calls from a device that is set as a PIN based device, after you enter the desired extension number, it will ask you to enter your PBD PIN.

This PIN will identify user on the system and then dialling will proceed as if the user was dialling from his own extension.

Billing, CDRs and everything else will apply for the user extension and not for the extension of the PBD device.

To make a call with extension that is connected with a PIN Based Device, you must enter the PBD PIN for that extension.


Here are the steps needed in order to use this feature:

  • Editing extensions

PBD PIN field is in the Pin Based Devices section on the extension's edit page and it is a required field:

  • Adding a new PIN based device

To add a new PIN Based device, you need to navigate through the Main menu, by going to Extensions --> Pin Based Devices. A page will open where you can add new, edit, view and delete PIN Based devices:

Clicking on the "Add PIN Based Device" button will open a new page:

Here you can enter the name for your new PIN based device, the extension which will be used by this device and should be Active or not. If the Active field is set to No/Not Set, PIN Based Dialing will not be applied for that extension, meaning that the PBD PIN will not be requested when making calls. Billing, CDRs and all other settings will be applied normally.

Additional info

  • PBD local extensions:

PIN Based dialling is disabled for local extensions. Entering PBD PIN for local calls is not required.

  • PBD Access codes

Using access codes requires proper identification of the user with PBD PIN. Most of the access codes are related per user, which means that they can be used only if they are enabled under Enhanced Services. 

Dialling access codes will result in requiring to enter the PBD PIN so that system can identify the user and to required actions.

Access codes that can be used with PBD

  • General Voicemail ---> *124
  • Call Park --->  700
  • Call Park Start ---> 701
  • Call Park End ---> 720
  • Speed Dial ---> *130
  • Call Pickup ---> *8
  • Asterisk Call Pickup ---> *88

NOTE: Please note that these are default access codes that are defined on the system/tenant level. Some administrators choose to change these access codes to different values, so in those cases, access codes might be different.