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General :: HOWTO remove temporary greeting

HOWTO Remove temporary greeting

HOWTO Remove Temporary Greeting

A greeting message is a message played to users upon entering the voice box when an extension is unavailable or busy. (E.g. When A gets to B's voice box, the selected 'Greeting message' is played to A before A is allowed to leave a message)

User has an option to record a greeting for its extension via 2 different options:

 1. By dialing *123 to access voicemail from its phone and following instructions from voicemail IVR    
 2. To upload greeting from PBXware GUI → Home → Extensions → edit extension in question → Show advanced options → Voicemail section → Greeting message
 Choose Unavailable or Busy from drop down menu and click on Choose File to upload greeting from its computer.  

NOTE: File that will be uploaded must meet requirements of 8000 hz, 16 bits, mono.


Through Voicemail IVR user has also an option to record a temporary greeting for its extension and that is done by dialing *123 and following IVR instructions:

  • press 0 for mailbox options
  • press 4 to record a temporary greeting
  • record temporary greeting

When there is a temporary greeting on the extension it will override the standard greeting.

In order to play a standard greeting again, a temporary greeting must be removed.

To remove temporary greeting from the extension user should call the voicemail menu (*123 by default) from the phone on which the extension is registered and follow Voicemail IVR instructions:

  • enter voicemail PIN
  • press 0 for mailbox options and sound file “There is a temporary greeting which overrides the standard greeting” will be played
  • press 4
  • press 2 to erase your temporary greeting.

After 2 is pressed temporary greeting will be erased and the standard greeting which was used before will be played or the user can upload/record a new one by following the procedure explained at the beginning of the guide.

HOWTO remove temporary greeting from the shell:

 1. ssh to the system  
 2. cd /opt/pbxware/pw/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/xxx
 Where xxx is extension number (for call center systems)  
 3. cd /opt/pbxware/pw/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/t-yyy/xxx  
 Where yyy is tenant number and xxx is extension number  

Example: check voicemail folder for extension 102 and delete temporary greeting: