To move your voicemail greeting recording or voicemail messages from one extension to another:

System shell:

  • Log in to the system shell as the root user
  • Execute 'cd /opt/pbxware/pw/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/$EXTENSION' (where $EXTENSION is *Extension number e.g. '1000')
  • Execute 'ls' to view the busy and unavailable greeting message and the INBOX with voice messages
  • Execute 'mv *.gsm ../1006' to move both busy and unavailable greeting messages to Extension 1006

Self Care:

  • Log in to Self Care
  • Navigate to 'Voicemail'
  • Select the box next to a voice message
  • Click the 'Forward' button
  • Provide the destination extension number and click the 'OK' button