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Voicemail :: HOWTO Check Voicemail

You can check your voicemail inbox via your phone:

  • Type *123 on your phone to access voicemail.
  • Provide your voicemail password.

These options are standard voicemail options with all voicemail settings set to 'Yes'.

1 Read voicemail messages

2 Change folders

0 Mailbox options
1 Record your unavailable message
2 Record your busy message
3 Record your name
4 Record your temporary message
5 Change your password
* Return to the main menu

3 Advanced options

1 Reply
2 Call back
3 Envelope
4 Outgoing call

4 Play previous message

5 Repeat current message

6 Play next message

7 Delete current message

8 Forward message to another mailbox

9 Save message in a folder

* Help; during msg playback: Rewind

# Exit; during msg playback: Skip forward

* * Help

* # Exit

After recording a message (incoming message, busy/unavailable greeting, or name)

1 Accept

2 Review

3 Re-record

0 Reach operator(not available when recording greetings/name)

By default, when the voicemail is received, a notification is sent to your email. This email, if not set otherwise, has a voice file attached to it. Detach it from email and open it on your favourite music player.

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