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Queues :: One Digit Queue Exit

HOWTO One Digit Queue Exit

Setting Exit digit option to Yes will give an opportunity to users to exit the queue by dialing a single digit and be automatically redirected to a preset PBXware destination.

For example the greeting message explains that the user may quit the queue by pressing the digit defined here (e.g. 9) to be transferred directly to the operator or some other destination (set under the 'Destination' option).


If a caller calls a queue in which none of the agents are currently available and he is already waiting for 5 minutes for the call to be answered but needs to hang up the call as he needs to go to a meeting, he can hang up the call by pressing the exit digit and leave voicemail, for which he got instructions in greeting or periodic announcement. This way he can leave voicemail where he will provide his question and maybe e-mail address or the number on which the agent can contact him later on.

How can I set Exit digit for queue:

  1. Login to the system administration.
  2. Navigate to 'Queues' .
  3. Click on the 'Edit' button corresponding to a queue of your choice.
  4. Click on 'Advanced Options' .
  5. Navigate down to 'Exit Digit' section.
  6. 'Activate callback' in case callback should be triggered when the caller in the queue enters the configured exit digit.
  7. Set the 'Use Exit Digit' option to 'Yes'  and set exit digit in 'Exit digit' field
  8. Choose the destination from the drop down menu in the 'Destination' field. That is the system extension to re-direct the call to.
  9.  Select 'Is Voicemail' option if the exit digit destination is pointing to voicemail.
  10. Click on 'Save' .