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Queues :: Queue Greetings File

HOWTO Queue Greeting File

With Queue greeting option, admins may select a greeting sound/message that will be played to all callers once they enter the queue. It is possible to record and choose a custom sound greeting file.


For instance, user A is calling queue “Support,” the moment the call enters the queue, the user will hear a greeting like: “Thank you for contacting our support. All our representatives are currently busy….”

How to set queue greeting:

  1. Login to the system administration.
  2. Navigate to Contact centre -> 'Queues' .
  3. Click on the 'Edit' button corresponding to a queue of your choice.
  4. Click on 'Advanced Options'.
  5. Find Greeting
  6. From the drop down list choose greeting sound file for your queue
  7. Click on 'Save'

NOTE: Queue greeting sound file name must start with "queue-greeting-" in order to be shown in drop down list.