HOWTO Recording IVR Greetings

To record an IVR greeting sound file:

  • Navigate to 'Settings: Access Codes' and make sure that '*301' is set under 'Greetings'
  • Dial '*301' from your extension and speak into the microphone after the tone.


In PBXware versions up to 3.1 your message will be recorded as soon as you drop your phone but if you are using PBXware 3.8 and later, you will need to press # to finish recording, then voice menu will be played with three available options:

  • 1 - Accept the message
  • 2 - Listen to your message
  • 3 - Re-record the message

Only after you press 1 your greeting message will be recorded.

  • The recorded sound file should be saved under 'greeting-$DATE.gsm' name
  • Edit the IVR and select 'greeting-$DATE.gsm' under 'Greeting' option
  • Click 'Save'

Now every call that comes into this IVR will play your cutom greeting message