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IVR :: IVR Tree


Description: The IVR Tree consists of Action and Selection. Actions are items that are going to be executed when the user enters IVR. Selections can be configured to be executed by pressing the DTMF keys on your phone.

  1. Log in to the PBXware administration.
  2. Navigate to IVR: IVR Tree.
  3. Create the IVR Tree or select the existing one.
  4. Add Action or Selection by clicking the plus icon. (Data can be deleted by clicking the 'Delete' button right next to it.)
  5. Click Save.

IVR Tree Graph

IVR Tree Graph is a special form of IVR whose interface is graphically oriented. This user-friendly interface enables users to have a better understanding of what destinations they have included in their IVR. It also provides an easier preview of the incorporated elements.

  1. Login to the PBXware administration.
  2. Navigate to IVR: IVR Tree Graph, after which you will be able to see the graphical representation of the IVR.