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MySQL :: HOWTO Apex BI MySQL Connection

HOWTO Apex BI MySQL Connection

Integration with Apex Bi requires for read access within MySQL to be provided to their server in order for this integration to be functional.

Their requirements are the following:

  • Whitelist the Apex BI server IP address
  • Open read only access to the below tables
  • CDR table
  • log_ivr_calls table
  • Provide the login credentials Apex BI will use to enable the connection

Access MySQL database with query:


Add a new user by means of a GRANT SQL command giving it read access to CDR and log_ivr_calls tables;

GRANT SELECT ON pbxware.cdr TO 'ApexBi'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
GRANT SELECT ON pbxware.log_ivr_calls TO 'ApexBi'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

By default, access from other machines is disabled for security reasons and you are performing this procedure at your own risk. Bicom Systems cannot be held responsible for any eventual issues caused by customers decision to enable remote MySQL connection.

WARNING: Any manual MySQL modifications are at your own risk and should be performed by a person familiar with MySQL. Eventual issues caused are not covered by Bicom Systems support.