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Sounds :: HOWTO Sound file prefixes and FILENAME format

This HOWTO contains list of sound file prefixes that can be uploaded as a greetings or announcements on various section of the PBXware.


In order to upload greeting on a DID, make sure it has the prefix defined as: 'greeting-did-$NAME.gsm'


Greeting on IVR should be uploaded in the following format: : 'greeting-$NAME.gsm'

Dial Group

To upload a Greeting on a Dial Group (Ring Group), following format must be followed: 'greeting-$NAME.gsm'

To upload a Timeout Message on the Dial Group, make sure your sound file begins with: 'announce-$NAME.gsm'

When it comes to uploading a sound files under the Incoming Call Confirmation section, one must follow these rules:

- 'rg-announce-$NAME.gsm' for the Confirmation message

- 'rg-late-announce-$NAME.gsm' for the Call Answered Message

ERG and Queue

Queue and ERG greetings have following prefix : 'queue-greeting-$NAME.gsm'

Periodic announce for the queues and ERGs: are uploaded as :'periodic-announce-$NAME.gsm'

Contact Center Queues/Voice Queues

In addition to the queue greeting and periodic announcements that can be found on ERGs, following are ONLY Contact Center related sound files:

- Agent announce: 'agent-announce-$NAME.gsm'

- Queue Callback Agent and Caller announce:'qc-announce-$NAME.gsm'

NOTE: GSM files can later be converted to other formats using PBXware.