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Voicemail :: HOWTO Voice Message Audio Format

The audio format of the voice message recordings is set in the 'Format' field. Once set, all voice messages will be recorded in this format. Be careful when selecting the audio format because some formats, although rich in quality, take a lot of disk space and are slower to transfer by mail.

To set the Voice Message Audio Format:

  1. Login to the system administration.
  2. Navigate to 'Settings: Voicemail' .
  3. Under the 'General Voicemail' group there is a 'Format' option.
  4. Select the desired format (wav49/gsm/wav) and Click the 'Save' button.

wav49 - The file size will be small, the quality good, and it's a good choice for sending voicemail messages in email (RECOMMENDED).

gsm - Same file size and same audio quality as wav49. It may be less well supported by client operating systems if sent to users in email.

wav - Excellent sound quality but huge file size. Not recommended as an email attachment.