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Conferencing :: Advanced Conference Options

HOWTO Advanced Conference Options

  • Login to the system administration,
  • Navigate to Conferences and edit the Conference in question,
  • Click on 'Show Advanced Options',
  • Set 'Conference Options'
  • Click 'Save'

Here is a brief rundown of each available advanced option:

Maximum number of users

This is the maximum number of users permitted in the Conference.

(E.g. 10)

Conference PIN

Conference PIN number. If set, this PIN will have to be provided by all callers before entering the Conference.

(E.g. John dials the sales conference (1001), but this conference has this field set to 9576. John is asked to provide the conference PIN. If a valid PIN is provided, John will enter the conference, or his call will be rejected after 3 invalid PIN entries).

Conference Admin PIN

When users enter the Admin PIN, they dynamically gain administrative rights for the conference that they are dialing into.

(E.g. John is the operator, but he needs to enter the conference as an admin. Since he does not have admin privileges set, when entering the conference he will use an admin PIN to dynamically gain those privileges).

NOTE: Administrators can change Conference PIN even when they do not have the 'Show Advanced' toggle button enabled.

Conference Marked User PIN

When users enter the Marked PIN, they dynamically gain marked user rights for the conference that they are dialing into.

(E.g. John is the operator, but he needs to enter the conference as a Marked user. Since he does not have Marked user privileges, when entering the conference he will use a Marked user PIN code to dynamically gain those privileges).

Conference Language

Set the language used for announcements to the conference. Default language is English.

Rings to answer

Number of rings played to the caller before the call is allowed to enter the Conference.

TIP: It is recommended to set the "Rings to answer" rather than just "drop" callers into the Conference.

RTP Delay [sec]

Delay time in seconds inserted before the conference operator answers. This delay solves the "half-played" greeting file problem. Keep this value set between 1-3 for optimal performance.

NOTE: The "half-played" greeting file problem usually exists on VOIP trunks.

(E.g. John enters the sales conference (1001) and hears '... currently the only user in this conference' message. This message is only partial and can confuse conference members. Set this field to 1 (or higher, depending on how much is not heard) to play the message in full length.)


Determines which color will be used for this conference in Bicom Systems gloCOM.

(E.g. Black)

Send E-mail after conference

After the conference ends, an email containing the sound file can be sent to the predefined email address.

NOTE: Please note in order for the e-mail with a conference recording to be sent once the conference call ends, Auto MP3 Conversion must be enabled under Settings -> Tenants -> MasterTenantName (edit) -> Call Recordings (section).

In order for an e-mail to be sent “Convert and remove original” or “Convert and keep original” must be selected.

Notification E-mail

Enter the email address which will receive the conference sound file after the conference has ended.

NOTE: These two options have no effect if the "Record Conference" option is not selected in the conference group for that conference.