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IVR :: Remote Access

Remote Access is an option inside IVR which enables remote access to one of four available types of destinations:

  • Agent Login - enables remote login as an agent
  • Destinations - enables dialing to any destination
  • Destinations (CallerID) - same as destinations except that you can set CallerID
  • Voicemail - remote login to voice mail

Agent Login

When you choose to register an extension as an agent, you will first enter the agent number and then press the pound key (#). Second, you will enter the agent's PIN followed by the pound key. And third, you will enter the extension you wish to register as an agent, followed by pound key.


When destinations are chosen, you will be able to dial any extension on the system. If the system doesn't recognize your CallerID, it will ask you for your extension number, then the number you wish to dial.

Destinations (CallerID)

This is the same as destinations except you will have to enter your CallerID before the number you wish to dial.


With this option, you are able to remotely check voice mail. First, you will enter the extension for which you wish to check voice mail and then the extension's PIN.