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HOWTO Hot Desking

Hot Desking is a feature that allows your business the practice of not assigning permanent desks in a workplace, so that employees may work at any available desk.

From a managerial perspective, Hot Desking is attractive because it can cut overhead costs significantly. However, the concept would not work in environments where employees are expected to be in the office most of the time.

Hot Desking, as PBXware feature, is simple as it can be. By dialing proper access code (*555 by default) on any pre-configured office phone for HotDesking, user will go to an IVR, where it will be asked for extension and pin.


Once proper extension / pin combination is entered, the phone will be rebooted and auto-provisioned with the new extension.

Emergency numbers can be dialed even if the hot desking device is not logged in (if no extension is provisioned). In this case, the Emergency Caller ID will be used for the outgoing call.

NOTE: To be able to use Hot Desking feature in PBXware 7, it has to be enabled in your PBXware license. 

Hot Desking feature can be found under Home -> Extensions -> Hot Desking. 

To add a Hot Desking device, click on "Add Hot Desking device"

This page will be shown:

  • MAC - MAC Address of the device

  • Device - Hot Desking Device 

NOTE: A list of supported devices can be found on the following page: https://wiki.bicomsystems.com/Hot_Desking_Supported_Devices

  • Network - Location refers to whether the UAD/Phone is in the 'Local' or 'Remote' network.

  • Emergency Caller ID - The Caller ID entered here will be used only for calls to Emergency Services numbers.

NOTE: Emergency numbers can be dialed even if the hot desking device is not logged in. In this case, the Caller ID set here will be used for the outgoing call.

  • Auto Dial Access Code - When this option is set to Yes, *555 will be dialed on handset pickup.

If set to No or Not Set, then *555 will not be dialed automatically.

  • Device Location ID - Device location populated due to Ray Baum act - dialing emergency services.