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Changing the state of the agent from available to paused in gloCOM v7.1

During an agent's login session, they have the flexibility to choose their login state as either Available or Paused. These states define the agent's availability to receive and handle incoming calls. Here's a brief explanation of each state:


  1. Available State
    When an agent sets their login state to "Available," it means they are ready and willing to receive incoming calls. In this state, the agent is actively logged in and prepared to engage with customers or handle assigned tasks.
  2. Paused State:
    The "Paused" state allows agents to temporarily suspend call activities while remaining logged in. When an agent selects the "Paused" state, it indicates that they need a temporary break or interruption from taking calls.

To change a state from 'Available' to 'Paused', agent can do that from agent panel -> navigation bar -> personal profile configurations.

To change the state, click on Available button. A drop-down menu will appear, allowing the agent to select the 'Paused' state and choose a pause reason.