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gloCOM :: gloCOM GPO deployment on Windows Server

HOWTO gloCOM GPO deployment on Windows Server

MSI Installer for gloCOM

This installer should be used in GPO deployment on Windows Server. Its public properties (transformations) are:

  • SERVER (required)
  • EMAIL (required)
  • PASSWORD (required)
  • EDITION (optional, will use Business as default). Possible values are the following numbers:
    • 1: Business
    • 2: Agent
    • 4: Supervisor
    • 6: Office
  • PROFILE_NAME (Optional, will be same as SERVER if not specified)

For auto-configuration to work: "Orca" application (by Microsoft) should be used to generate the transformation file glocom.mst, with modified values of above properties. This file is then specified in the GPO on Windows Server.

Silent install: msiexec /quiet