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gloCOM :: gloCOM browser addon installation

HOWTO gloCOM browser addon installation

To download and install gloCOM browser addon in gloCOM click Tools -> Download Web Browser Addons, select your browser from the drop down list and click OK. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension will be downloaded to Downloads folder on your system.

Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome
  • Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
  • Click Tools and choose Extensions from the sub menu.
  • Drag and Drop "Chrome Extension.crx" file you downloaded, to the Extensions tab
  • When asked "Are you sure you want to continue?" click "Continue"
  • When asked "Install gloCOM Extension?" click "Install"


  • Open Firefox
  • Drag and Drop "glocom_firefox_addon.xpi" file you downloaded, on a Firefox tab
  • When the button "Install now" is enabled click it

Internet Explorer

  • Installs automatically