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Location of gloCOM files on local PC

In certain situations, it's necessary to access log files stored on the end user's local PC for troubleshooting purposes.

While gloCOM provides diagnostic logs within its application, it's important to note that not all relevant information is contained solely within gloCOM. Some essential data is stored locally on the user's PC.

Firstly, let's remind ourselves where Diagnostic Logs are found on gloCOM desktop application.

On your gloCOM desktop application, click on 'Tools'. Diagnostic Logs option is presented at the top and offers various log files:

If you are planning to do some troubleshooting and want to empty current logs, copy logs or even pause filling in the log files, on the left side at the top of the Diagnostic Logs popup, click on File and options for jobs mentioned above are presented.

However, if information here is not enough for more in depth troubleshooting, additional logs can be found on the PC where gloCOM desktop is installed.

Depending on the OS running on the PC, here are locations of the files:

Linux:  ~/.config/gloCOM

Windows: C:\Users\$USER\gloCOM3\

MAC: /Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/gloCOM/

This is the content of folder:

It contains various log files that are ideal for troubleshooting along with chat history and similar.