HOWTO Touchless Provisioning

Description: Touchless provisioning allows you to automatically provision the phone without the need to enter the provisioning settings in the phone's user interface.

To provision the phone this way do the following:
  1. Configure Touchless Provisioning (if not configured before). To configure Touchless Provisioning check out the Configuration page.
  2. Register the phone to the provider's redirection service. This is done by going to the Devices page, selecting the phone's MAC address and clicking register.
  3. Reset the phone to factory defaults.
When adding a new extension or hot-desking device, it will automatically be registered to the provider's redirection service.
For it to be registered and be shown on the Devices page following requirements need to be met:
  1. UAD set on the extension/hot desking device is from a provider that is on the Configuration list.
  2. The location for the extension/hot desking device is set to Remote. Local devices can not be provisioned using this service.
  3. Auto Provisioning option must be set to Yes. This only applies to Extensions.
When the phone is factory reset it will automatically pull all the data needed for provisioning and will be provisioned to the assigned extension.
Once the phone is provisioned it will be removed from the provider's redirection service.