This Configuration Guide is written as general guide on how to configure LED patterns on Cisco SPA devices.


In order to change LED patterns behavior, phone must be provisioned. To provision your Cisco SPA device, follow our Provisioning Guide.

LED Script

The LED script describes the color and blinking pattern of a Line Key LED. The allowed field-name and corresponding field-values are listed below:


  • o = off
  • r = red
  • g = green
  • a = amber (orange)


This field sets the blinking pattern of the LED. The 4 choices are:

  • nb = no blink (steady on or off)
  • sb = slow blink (1s on and 1s off)
  • fb = fast blink (100ms on and 100ms off)
  • ud = user-defined (according to the contents of the u field)



To change LED patterns, go to your extension, select Advanced and in the UAD Auto Provisioning Template field enter configuration line.

For example:

 <Disabled_LED group="Phone/Line_Key_LED_Pattern">c=g</Disabled_LED>

In this case, all disabled keys will be steady green.

LED Script Examples


Color is red and pattern is slow blink.


LED is off.


Color is green and pattern is steady on (default).


Color is amber (orange) and the blink pattern is: 100ms on, 100ms off, 100ms on, 100ms off, 100ms on, 900ms off.

For more information check Cisco Configuration Guide.