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HOWTO :: Remote Phonebook - Yealink

1. The phone directory generation tool from Yealink is basically an MS  Excel sheet. Original "software" if you can call it that, was not working hence I had to modify it substantially to work. I have attached the excel file. 

2. This excel document will work only on Windows and Excel. When you open it you will see two columns: Name and Number and a button called  Create Remote. As you can see there are some examples in name/number columns that you can delete. 

3. Now, fill in your address book details, row after row, no blank rows.  When you are done, click on Create Remote button. It will create an addressbook.xml file on your desktop. 

4. Upload addressbook.xml to your PBXware, specifically a folder named upload


(create the upload folder if it is not there) 

5. Now, in your PBXware GUI, depending on whether you want it on  specific Yealink phones, or all specific Yealink models, edit the  specific extension OR UAD under Settings->UADs 

6. Click on UAD Auto Provisioning Template and in the text box enter this: 

remote_phonebook.data.2.url = http://IPADDRESS/prov/upload/addressbook.xml

remote_phonebook.data.2.name = Address Book

where IPADDRESS is the IP of your PBXware. 

7. Save, and reprovision the phone(s) 

You can create multiple address books by changing the name of the file itself, so basically you can serve different address books to different users or tenants.

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