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General :: HOWTO factory reset Yealink phones via NOTIFY

HOWTO factory reset Yealink phones via NOTIFY

1. SSH into system

For example, this can be done via terminal in Linux, MAC OS,

ssh root@ -p2020

In the above, you would enter your PBXware IP instead of, the default port to access PBXware via SSH is 2020.

For windows users, you can download the PuTTY tool.


2. Edit the configuration file, for this, we will use nano tool as it is one of the simpler tools to use in Linux terminal,


nano /opt/pbxware/pw/etc/asterisk/notify.d/yealink-v2.cfg


and add this content:


ctrl + x to exit,

and enter Y to save the file


3. Reload asterisk

asterisk -rx 'reload'


4. enter asterisk using the 'asterisk -r' command and execute this command: pjsip send notify yealink-factory endpoint XXXXXX

(XXXXXX for example would be 200100, where 200 is tenant number and 100 is extension number)