HOWTO Set up Call-Pickup Group on the Extension 

Call-Pickup Group is used to set from which groups the extension is allowed to pickup the call by dialing '*8'. 

It is allowed to have as much Pickup Groups as needed.

This section provides instructions on how to use Call-Pickup Groups on the PBXware.

To configure Call-Pickup Groups on the PBXware, please follow the instructions below:

On Master Tenant:

  • Login to the system administration
  • Navigate to: ‘Master Tenant --> Settings’ --> ‘Tenants’ --> ‘Edit Tenant

  • Choose ‘Show Advanced Options
  • Under section'Numbering Defaults’ in the field ‘Call Groups/Pickup Groups’ select as many groups as you wish to assign to the tenant.

  • Save the configuration --> click on 'Save'

On Extension in question:

  • Navigate to: ‘Tenant in question’ → ‘Extensions’ → ‘System’ → ‘Edit Extension in question'


  • Choose ‘Show Advanced Options
  • Under section ‘Groups’ in the field ‘Pickup Group’ select as many groups as you wish for an extension to be a member of.

  • Save the configuration --> click on 'Save'