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General :: Using Phone Callback

HOWTO Using Phone Callback

Phone Callback is PBXware feature which enables system users to call some destinations without being charged for it. Essentially, the user calls a number which is configured as a DID on the system. The system then hangs up, and calls the user back, prompting for the destination to be called.

Steps required for configuring Phone Callback:

  • On the system, make sure you have a working incoming and outgoing trunk (they can be same)
  • Create a system DID to be used exclusively for phone callback, making sure to choose your incoming trunk correctly where DID is coming from because Phone Callback will work only if the initiating call is coming from that trunk. As a destination in DID, choose Phone Callback, and save DID
  • Now choose an extension on the system from which you want to make the call to your desired destination. Edit its Enhanced Services, and enable Phone Callback entering caller ID and number values. You will see an empty list to which you can add one or more Phone Callback users. When you click on the PLUS icon you will get an empty row. In the CallerID field, you will enter the CallerID of a user which is calling the system. In the Number field, you will enter a number to which you want the system to call back. This should be the number of the user which initially called into the system
  • Save everything.

How does this work?

When the user, which has a CallerID the same as the one defined in extensions ES on the system, calls the number defined in DID, system hangs the call. After hanging the call, system calls the user to the number defined in extensions ES.

When user answers the call, system prompts which number user wants to dial. User will then enter desired destination, and the system will call it.