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SMS :: HOWTO Bandwidth integration with PBXware

NOTE: Before creating and assigning a Bandwidth SMS Trunk it is required to have it enabled in your PBXware license as well as added to the Tenant in case a Multi-Tenant system is in question.

To get Bandwidth SMS added to the PBXware license please contact your Account Manager.

Creating an SMS Trunk:

For Multi-Tenant:

1. Navigate to 'Master Tenant' → 'SMS' → 'Trunks' → Add SMS Trunk'

For Contact Center:

1. Navigate to ‘Home’ → ‘SMS’ → ‘Trunks’ → ‘Add SMS Trunk’

2. Select 'Bandwidth' as a provider
3. Paste the API Token in the 'API Token' field
4. Paste the API Secret in the 'API Secret' field
5. Paste User ID in the ‘User ID’ field
6. Paste Application ID in the ‘Application ID’ field
7. Save the settings

Assigning Trunk to a Tenant:

1. Navigate to ‘Master Tenant’ → ‘SMS’ → ‘Trunks & Tenants’ → ‘Select Tenant’ → ‘Assign allowed SMS Trunk from the drop down menu’

2. Save the Settings

Obtaining integration details from Bandwidth side:

Obtaining User ID:

1. Navigate to dashboard.bandwidth.com and login to your Bandwidth Account.

2. User ID can be found by navigating to Overview or in the upper right corner next to Account settings as shown on screenshot.

Obtaining Application ID:

Application ID is automatically generated while creating an Application.

1. Navigate to ‘Applications’ → ‘Create New Application’

2. Set an Application Name in the Application Name field

3. Set the Callback URL for the application.

Example URL: https://PBXware/smsservice/bandwidth

4. Save settings and obtain the generated Application ID

Obtaining API Token and Secret:

Now that you have created the Application you can generate the API Credentials.

1. In the upper right corner click on ‘API Credentials’ → ‘Create New’

2. Obtain the API Token and Secret which you have newly created

3. Save the settings