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General :: HOWTO OZSMS

OZSMS is available from 6.7.6 PBXware. Prior to configuring OZSMS, please make sure to contact your Account Manager to add OZSMS to the license.

In order to configure PBXware to use the OZSMS provider to send and receive SMS messages you will first need to register an account with the OZSMS so you can access their SMS portal.

Once you create the account and log in to the OZSMS portal you will first need to create a new API Key. To do that, navigate to Configuration → API Settings and under the ‘Basic Authentication’ click on ‘Create New Key’.

Clicking on the “Create New Key” button will open a new window that will allow you to assign a name for your API key, for easier management, however, this label will also be used as a username on PBXware, when we create the OZSMS trunk.

Once you set your API key label, click the Create Key button and then confirm you would like to add a new API key.

This will complete the process of adding the new API key, and the key will be added to the list. To check the API key later you can click the Show button.

The next step is to create a new webhook that will allow us to receive SMS messages. To create a new webhook navigate to Configuration → Webhooks and click on the “New WebHook” button on the right side of the window.

In the ‘Event’ field you must select SMS, ‘HTTP Method’ has to be set to POST and the ‘URL’ must be populated in this format: https://YouPBXwareDomain/smsservice/ozsms, where YouPBXwareDomain must be replaced with the actual domain name/public IP address of your PBXware server.

With everything in place, you can now proceed with configuring the PBXware side.

With OZ SMS enabled in the PBXware license, log in to your PBXware, and navigate to SMS → Trunks. and click the Add SMS Trunk button.

Enter the preferred trunk name and select OZSMS from the drop/down menu. In the API key field enter the API key created on the OZSMS portal and in the Username field enter the Label set for that API key. Once done click the Save button.

If on the Multi-Tenant system, you will have to navigate to Trunk&Tenants to assign the SMS trunk to preferred tenants and click the Save button to preserve changes.

If on Multi-Tenant, select the tenant first, otherwise navigate to SMS → Numbers and click the “Add SMS number” button.

Assign the SMS number(s) you have purchased from the OZSMS to your extensions.

NOTE: The list of purchased SMS numbers can be found at the  Accounts → Sender IDs section of the OZ SMS portal.

This completes the OZSMS trunk setup and you should now be able to send and receive SMS messages using OZSMS provider.