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General :: HOWTO setup SMS channel for Omni

HOWTO setup SMS channel for Omni

The SMS Channel page is your gateway to setting up a dedicated phone number for customer messages. These messages are routed to a pre-defined destination like a Queue or Chatbot. You can also customize automated responses, making customer-business SMS communication efficient and streamlined.

Adding an SMS Channel

  • Accessing the Channel Section
  1. Go to the Channels under MESSAGING section.
  2. Hit the "Add Channel" button to bring up the channel creation dialog.

  • Choosing the SMS Channel Type

1. The dialog will display options for Live Chat, SMS, or Email.

2. Pick "SMS" for the channel type.

3. Press "OK" to move forward.

  • Configuring SMS Channel Settings

After selecting SMS, you'll land on the SMS Channel settings page. Here's what you can set up:

  1. SMS Number: Input a valid SMS number for sending and receiving messages. Ensure the number is formatted correctly and linked to an active SMS service.
  2. Destination: Decide where to route the SMS messages. Options include specific Queues or Chatbots. Choose based on your workflow and how you want to interact with customers.

  • Saving the Channel
  1. Double-check the SMS number and destination settings.
  2. Click either "Save" or "Submit" to finalize the SMS channel setup.

By following these steps, you will be able to effortlessly integrate SMS as an additional customer engagement channel within your system.

Note: Configuring SMS Webhook Providers

When configuring SMS webhook providers, it is important to distinguish between the endpoints for regular and Omnichannel webhooks.

  •  For Example, Regular Webhook (Telnyx): When setting up a regular Telnyx webhook, the endpoint should be 

  • Omnichannel Webhook: In contrast, for Omnichannel webhook configurations, use the endpoint