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Meeting Setup

To make sure your PBXware is correctly configured for Meeting feature, you must first confirm that Domain Name field is populated with your server's domain or IP address.

To check if Domain name field is populated, log in to your PBXware GUI and navigate to Settings -> Servers/Tenants -> Server/Master Tenant (edit) and click Show Advanced Options. Once done, Domain Name field in Network Info section should be visible.

In case Domain Name field is empty, please make sure to populate it with your server's domain name. In case you do not use domain name for accessing your PBXware, you can enter server's IP address instead.

Once done, click Save to preserve changes.

If your PBXware is behind NAT you will most likely experience no-audio issue when in Meeting, and in order to resolve this you will need to do additional modification to your server's configuration.

In case your system is set up behind NAT, Asterisk will send its private address as an ICE candidate and in the end RTP stream will be passed to a wrong addresses. To remedy that, we need to set up a translation for the ICE candidates and replace private network address with public address of the system.

To do that, in your PBXware GUI navigate to Settings -> Protocols -> RTP and add these lines to Additional config section:

[ice_host_candidates] =>

Once done, click Save to preserve changes.

Please note you will need to replace IP addresses in this example with your server's local and public address accordingly, should be replaced with server's local and should be replaced with server's public IP address.

Once these configuration parameters are in place, you should be able to use Meeting feature without any issues.