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General :: HOWTO License refresh from the setup wizard

One of the common issues that is occurring is one with the licenses not updating once the client purchases the same through the store. I am mostly referring to the glocom licenses but this issue can relate to any changes that are made.

Most of the clients would refresh their license from the PBXware GUI once the change has been made and it usually works and the license has been updated correctly. However, in some cases that is not the case and clients need to contact the support department via ticket or live chat and lose precious time.

In order to avoid this, there is a fairly simple solution to this matter which the client can do and in most cases resolve the issue with the license update.

So, instead of the simple refresh from the GUI, the client would need to do the same from the setup wizard by following the steps explained below:

First, open up the setup wizard by typing the following in any web browser of your choice → https://YourPBXwareIP:81, where YourPBXwareIP is the actual PBXware IP address.

The client would have a prompt opened requesting authentication where one needs to enter the Root password of the PBXware in question.

Once this is done, the client would need to navigate further to the ‘Licensing’ tab and click on the Save button in order to refresh the license, as shown on the screenshot below.

After all the steps above are completed, the license should be updated and the client can check the PBXware GUI and confirm the same. On the other hand, if the licenses are still not updating, feel free to reach out to your account manager and eventually open a ticket with the support team, if there is a need.

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