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Obtaining Information for Issue Resolution

Obtaining Information for Issue Resolution

Before reaching out to support for assistance, it's beneficial to gather as much information as possible about the issue you're experiencing. This guide outlines steps to collect relevant details, including logs, call traces, and specific service information, to expedite the resolution process.

Call-related Issues:

If you encounter issues with calls, follow these steps to gather information:

Capture Packet Data (PCAP):

Obtain a PCAP file capturing network traffic during the problematic call.

Refer to our guide on how to obtain PCAP.

Call Detail Record (CLIR) Report:

Generate a CLIR report containing call details for analysis.

Use our guide on how to obtain a CLIR report.

Call Flow Diagram:

Provide a call flow diagram depicting the sequence of events for the specific call.

Include details if the call involves complex routing.

Service-related Issues:

For issues related to specific services, such as email to fax, follow these steps:

Access Log Files:

Navigate to /opt/pbxware/pw/var/log/$service/ to locate relevant log files.

For example, if experiencing email2fax issues, check the email2fax.log.

View Log Entries:

Use commands like tail to view the last entries in the log file:

tail -n 400 /opt/pbxware/pw/var/log/email2fax.log

Filter Log Entries:

Narrow down log entries based on specific date/time or other details:

grep -i '$date' /opt/pbxware/pw/var/log/email2fax.log

To obtain the $date format, you can use the below command,

head -n 5 /opt/pbxware/pw/var/log/email2fax/email2fax.log

General Guidelines:

Date and Time Information:

Provide the date and time when the issue occurred to pinpoint relevant log entries.

Specific Details:

Include any additional specifics or observations that may aid in issue resolution.

Additional Resources:

Log File Information:

Refer to our guide for more details on log files and troubleshooting: Log File Information.

CLI Commands Reference:

Access a reference guide for commonly used CLI commands: CLI Commands Reference.

By following these steps and providing comprehensive details when reaching out for support, you can streamline the troubleshooting process and expedite the resolution of the issue you're facing.