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General :: HOWTO Provide a call ID and a CLIR report of the call example

In this document, an explanation is provided in detail on how to obtain a call ID of the particular call and also how to copy the relevant CLIR report for the problematic call in question.

In order to get a call ID of the call example, the client would need to navigate to the path below:

For MT: 

  • Tenant in question → Reports → CDR 

For CC:

  • Reports → CDR

Once you are on the path above, you should see a screen like this (refer to the screenshot below).

On the screenshot below there are highlighted areas that are explaining the reports section in more detail and pointing out what needs to be done and how to find the call ID of the specific call example in question.

Also, the screenshot explains how to check the call with the linked ID as well which will list all the possible legs of that call in particular. This information can provide information on where the call went and the actual status of the same.

Once you find the call ID of the problematic call in question, please copy this ID and provide the same to the engineer on the ticket or live chat.

CLIR Report

Although it is important to provide a call example to the support engineer when opening a ticket or joining the live chat, there may be even a faster way to come to a possible solution to your problem.

In most cases the engineer looking at the issue with the particular call would look at the CLIR report as well besides the entire call flow that is visible when the call ID has been looked at with the linked ID, as explained in the previous section.

Thus, in this section, it is explained on how to immediately copy the CLIR report which will provide more information to the engineer and in some cases one can offer an immediate solution to the problem.

So, in order to provide a relevant CLIR report, one would still need to navigate to the reports section and select relevant call example, and click on the CLIR report just as it is shown on the screenshot below.

Once you do so, you will have a new window opened on the right side where the CLIR report is shown with detailed information about that call. Now, one would click on the “Copy CLIR data to Clipboard” that is located in the lower right corner, just as it is shown in the screenshot below.

Once you have copied this information you can save it to a file and attach it to the ticket you are opening with the support team. Also, if you are joining the live chat, if the issue is of more pressing concern, you may simply paste the entire output in the live chat once you get in touch with the engineer.