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Codecs :: Howto Manual install g729 codec in PBXware

In order to manually install g729, please follow these steps:

Log in to the system shell as a root user.

Go to /opt/pbxware/pw/usr/bin and create symbolic links:

 cd /opt/pbxware/pw/usr/bin
 ln -s ../../bin/cat more
 ln -s ../../bin/cat less

To navigate to the Asterisk modules directory, run the following command:

 cd /opt/pbxware/pw/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/

To download the G729 binary required for the architecture, click the link below:


Choose codec binary appropriate for your Asterisk version and CPU type, use x86_64 for 64-bit mode.

To find out your processor info type, run the following command:

 cat /proc/cpuinfo 

(PBXware 5.x) Asterisk 13 binary, example for core2-sse4:

 wget http://asterisk.hosting.lv/bin/codec_g729-ast130-gcc4-glibc2.2-x86_64-core2-sse4.so

(PBXware 6.x) Asterisk 16 binary, example for pentinum4:

 wget http://asterisk.hosting.lv/bin/codec_g729-ast160-gcc4-glibc-x86_64-pentium4.so

(PBXware 7.x) Asterisk 18 binary, example for pentinum4:

 wget http://asterisk.hosting.lv/bin/codec_g729-ast180-gcc4-glibc-x86_64-pentium4.so

To change the file ownership, run the following commands: 

 mv codec_g729-ast130-gcc4-glibc2.2-x86_64-core2-sse4.so codec_g729.so
 chmod 755 codec_g729.so
 chown 555:555 codec_g729.so

(re)Load g729 codec:

Enter Asterisk CLI

 asterisk -rvvvvvv

Load module and check the system response to see if the g729 codec is installed:

 module load codec_g729.so
 core show translation recalc 10

To exit Asterisk CLI, run the following command: