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Codecs :: Codecs bandwidth

Bandwidth consumption depends on which codec is used for conversation. Normal conversation includes a lot of silence which means that full bandwidth is not used all the time. Also, each codec stream can result in a larger bandwidth due to IP and UDP headers and overheads. The following data displays the bandwidth usage with and without the UDP/IP headers:

 Codec  Bit rate  Total Used Bandwidth
 G.711  64 Kbps  87.2 Kbps
 G.729  8 Kbps   31.2 Kbps
 G.723.1  6.4 Kbps  21.9 Kbps
 G.723.1  5.3 Kbps  20.8 Kbps
 G.726  32 Kbps  55.2 Kbps
 G.726  24 Kbps  47.2 Kbps
 G.728  16 Kbps  31.5 Kbps
 iLBC  15 Kbps  27.7 Kbps
 GSM 14.7 Kbps  20.7 Kbps