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How to resolve incompatible SDP issue when calling via gloCOM WEB?

This article will explain how to resolve the issue: "Call failed. Incompatible SDP" when making  a call from gloCOM WEB.

Step 1: Check extension's settings

  • Open the PBXware GUI -> Edit the extension in question -> Show advanced options -> In the Network Related section, find the option 'Web RTC enabled' and set it to Yes. 
  • Next, enable the OPUS codec for the same extension (Navigate to the Codecs section in the extension, select Opus -> If Opus is not available in the drop-down list, navigate to Settings -> Tenants -> Edit the tenant in question and enable the Opus codec for that tenant).

Step 2: Enable TLS

  • Next, enable TLS. To do this, ensure that you have an SSL certificate installed. Please refer to the following link for instructions on how to install an SSL certificate: https://support.bicomsystems.com/a/solutions/articles/67000672059
  • After successfully installing the SSL certificate, navigate to Settings -> Protocols -> TLS section, set TLS to Yes, and enable TLS for gloCOM (or set TLS for the transport on the extension itself). 
  • Once TLS is enabled in the Protocols page, a PBXware restart will be necessary. To restart PBXware, SSH into it and execute the following command:

    /opt/pbxware/sh/pbxware restart

NOTE: PBXware restart must be performed during off-hours as there will be a short downtime.

In case TLS is enabled, step 2 can be skipped.