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General :: How to setup live chat channel

1. Log into PBXware
   - Ensure you are logged into PBXware.

2. Update Domain Name in Server Settings
- Navigate to `Settings -> Servers`.
- Edit the server.
- In `Domain Name` field, enter the your PBXware IP, e.g., ``.
- Click `Save`

3. Access the Chat Widget in Contact Center
- Go to `Contact Center` section.
- Under `MESSAGING`, find `Channels`. Click on Channels sub section and you will see Chat Widget section
- Click on `Chat Widget`.

- A page with a code snippet and instructions will appear.

4. Prepare a Dummy Web Page
- Ensure you have a simple HTML dummy web page running, for example, on IP ``.
- Open the HTML file of your dummy web page for editing.
- Locate the `</head>` tag in the HTML file.
- Insert the Live Chat code snippet provided by PBXware just before the `</head>` tag.
- Save the changes to your HTML file.
- Reload the web page in your browser to see the changes.
- This addition should now display the Live Chat widget on your dummy web page.
- When you click on the Chat Widget blue circle you will get a Live Chat login screen.

5. Create a Live Chat Channel
- Navigate to `MESSAGING` -> `Channels` in PBXware.
- Click on `Channels`.
- On the Channels page, click on `Add Channel`.
- In the dialog that appears, select `Live Chat` from the dropdown menu.
- Click `OK`.
- In the domain field, enter your fake domain, e.g., `sales-example.com`, which will be resolving from ``.
- Choose a Queue you previously created from the `Destination` dropdown.
- Click `Save` to create the Live Chat channel.

6. Setting Up you Live Chat domain to resolve from you dummy webpage IP address
- For a local web page (e.g., ``), fake the domain.
- Edit `/etc/hosts` on your machine.
- Add ` sales-messaging.com`.
- Accessing `sales-example.com` will resolve from `` with the chat widget.
- This setup will link the Live Chat channel to your dummy web page with the specified domain.

7. Start Using the Live Chat
- Ensure you have an Agent logged into `gloCOM` who is a member of the Messaging Queue to whom the Live Chat is pointing to.
- Open the dummy web page where you added the Live Chat widget. e.g. sales-example.com
- Enter a name in the `Name` field of the Live Chat interface.
- Enter an email address in the `Email` field.
- Click `Start Chat`.
- You can now start chatting. The messages will be directed to the Agent in gloCOM who is a member of the associated Messaging Queue.