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SERVERware 4 Changing system root password

Changing system root password for the SERVERWARE 4.X

Changing system root password

Boot from SERVERware 4 ISO, on the first screen of the installation wizard, select 'Exit', confirm with 'Yes', then press 'Cancel' to go out into the live CD shell.

From there: Check available zfs pools by executing:

zpool import

This will output amongst other things the name of the system pool which will look like, for example, SYSTEM-321a

You can then import this pool into a directory which will also mount it, by running:

zpool import SYSTEM-321a -R /mnt/gentoo

Then you can chroot into that directory by:

chroot /mnt/gentoo

When in chroot you can use the 'passwd' command to change the root password.

Once done use 'exit' to excape the chroot, and finally export the pool by:

zpool export SYSTEM-321a

After done, reboot the system without the DVD and the newly set root password should be active.

Important notice:

Starting SERVERware edition 3.3, root access is replaced with administrator user access and the default user is now an administrator user ‘’’swadmin’’’. 

The purpose of swadmin user is to allow common administration tasks with sudo and to help prevent some accidental hazards such us shutdown of server in production. And in the future to introduce more safety boundaries. This change also allows us to install the software (not packaged by your host distribution) to your home directory using homebrew.