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System :: Changing system root password

HOWTO Changing system root password

NOTE: For SERVERware 3 users procedure is different and 'How To' guide can be found at the following link:


If you lost your system Root Password, it is not possible to change it without direct access to the machine.

You need to boot the machine with our PBXware Installation CD/USB which you can download from our website.

  • In the BIOS of your machine set it to boot from CD/DVD (it is possible to do so with USB since we have USB image for booting as well)
  • When the system asks you whether it should continue with the installation, you should chose Exit to shell option
  • Create a test folder with the following command: mkdir /test
  • Mount the sda3 to that test folder with command: mount /dev/sda3 /test
  • Chroot into that environment with: chroot /test
  • Change root password with: passwd root
  • When you are done changing the password type exit and then poweroff to power off your machine
Next time you power on your machine without CD/DVD/USB, your root password will be changed as per above.

NOTE: In most cases, root disk is located at /dev/sda3. It can be different depending on the hardware that you use.