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General :: HOWTO Restore VPS to the off-site PBXware

In order to backup&restore PBXware VPS from SERVERware 3 & 4 to the off-site PBXware you should follow these steps:

  • SSH to the SERVERware Host

  • Stop LXC with

/usr/bin/lxc-stop -n VPSNAME

  • Navigate to opt VPS directory with:

cd /home/lxc/VPSNAME/rootfs/opt/ 

  • Tar the httpd and pbxware with: 

tar czvf backup.tgz httpd pbxware

  • Copy this backup to the off-site with scp or rsync 

Example of SCP command running from off-site PBXware: 

scp -P 2222 swadmin@ /opt

  • SSH to the off-site PBXware

  • Navigate to the /opt directory with: 

cd /opt 

  • Stop PBXware services with: 



  • Unpack backup with:

tar --numeric-owner -xvf PATH_TO_BACKUP where PATH_TO_BACKUP is a full path to your backup file.

  • Start PBXware services with:



NOTE: Please make sure that everything is working properly before using the migrated VPS as a production system. 

Any issues that may arise on the migrated VPS as a result of missed steps during the procedure will not be supported. 

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