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General :: How do I setup a different timezone for each tenant

First make sure a backup of the system (or VPS) is created, before procedure is started.

To upgrade old systems to UTC, login to system's shell (vis SSH) and do the following command:

/opt/pbxware/sh/pbxware utc_update

The script will update all dates in admin_site and pbxware databases, converting them from system time zone to UTC (this implies that the system time zone is the one set in setup wizard).

Note: Asterisk must be restarted after update is complete.

Setting optional action and tenant parameters:

sh/pbxware utc_update action tenant

Action parameter can be one of these values:

        cdr - update only the cdr table

        tables - update all tables except cdr

        all - update all tables

If tenant parameter is set, then the action parameter must be set too. Examples:

        sh/pbxware utc_update - Update all tables

        sh/pbxware utc_update all - Update all tables

        sh/pbxware utc_update tables - Update all tables except cdr

        sh/pbxware utc_update cdr - Update only cdr table

        sh/pbxware utc_update all 456 - Update all tables related to tenant 456

        sh/pbxware utc_update tables 456 - Update all tables related to tenant 456 except the cdr table

        sh/pbxware utc_update cdr 456 - Update cdr table entries related to tenant 456