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gloCOM :: gloCOM Edition not allowed

If you are a first time user or want to try a different edition of gloCOM application, and you are receiving the following error on logging screen, please follow instructions below.

"Your account does not support <EDITION> edition"  

Once you try to click on Login, you will be offered to log into Edition that is allowed for your extension, for example Business:

However, if there are no allowed editions or you wish to use different edition than one that is allowed to your extension, you need to log into PBXware system.

Once you are logged into PBXware system, navigate to the tenant in question and scroll down to the Apps section. 

On this section you can see what editions are allowed in your PBXware license and which ones are allowed for your extension:

In this example, extension 102 has only Business edition allowed and we received error when we tried to log into Office edition.

In order to allow Office edition for extension 102, we have two options:

  1. Edit extension 102 and go to Editions & Modules section:

Inside, make sure you allow your desired edition and hit Save:

        2.  Configuration through 'Apps' section: Under Apps ---> Batch, you can allow desired edition and insert number of extensions for which you want to allow those editions:

Now that we allowed Office edition for the extension, we are able to log in!

Available editions at the moment are:

  • Business
  • Office
  • Supervisor (for Contact Center only)
  • Agent (for Contact Center only)
  • Mobile (Android, iOS)
  • Web

In case you do not have any gloCOM editions allowed on your system/tenant make sure you log into Bicom Systems Shop (accessible through your Account and purchase it - trials are available as well!). 

More information you can check on the following page:  gloCOM setup Package Subscription