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gloCOM/Communicator error codes

1. Your account has no Editions Permissions granted. Please contact your administrator. 

Navigate to Extension in question -> Editions and Modules and check if there are Editions selected. If there are no Editions offered at all, please check the license and see if there are any licenses assigned to the Tenant/Server in question. 

2. Proxy is not ready to accept connections.

Pwproxy is most likely down and the service for gloCOM/Communicator is not running. Please reach out to the Support Team for further checks. 

3. Connection refused. Service is down or outdated. 

PBXware version does not correspond to the gloCOM/Communicator version. Please check the application version and ensure it is compatible.

4. Your account is suspended. Please contact your administrator. 

If Extension's status is set to 'Suspended', this error will appear. Please set it to 'Active' to resolve the issue. 

More error codes



Service is suspended. Please contact your administrator.

gloCOM/Communicator subscription is suspended. 

Your account does not support <EDITION> edition

If a user has Business edition granted, but trying to log in with Agent/Supervisor for instance, this error will appear. 

Your account has no Editions Permissions granted. Please contact your administrator

Error when trying to log in with the Edition that is not added to the Extension -> Editions and Modules. 

This is the first time you are logging in. Please change your password.

The first login. The password needs to be changed. 

License limit reached

Number of CC logins reached.

Empty password is not allowed.

The password can not be empty. 

Login Failed: Username or Password is incorrect

Username or Password is incorrect. Please double check the User password that is used. 

DB connection error.

The maximum number of DB connections (pwproxy to MySQL) has been reached. Please contact Support team. 

Your system has reached maximum number of concurrent connections. Please contact your administrator.

If there are 5 Business licenses per Tenant, and the 6th tries to log in - this error will appear. 

Proxy is not ready to accept connections.

Pwproxy down.

Your version is not compatible. Please update or contact your Administrator.

Trying to log in with the app version that is not compatible with PBXware version. 

User ID is invalid. Please contact your administrator

If there is no uuid in table xxx_pbxware.users. 

Agent number is not valid

Invalid Agent number.

Agent pin is incorrect

Invalid Agent pin.