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General :: Why Let's Encrypt certificate does not automatically renew

Let's Encrypt renewal

It sometimes happens that the Let's Encrypt certificate does not renew, and the reason for this could be VPS relocation or VPS migration (when VPS migration is done, only the CHROOT /opt/PBXware/.. is migrated, and the cron that triggers the automatic renewal script is outside that scope, so the cron is not migrated along with the VPS).

The steps to take if the Let's Encrypt certificate is not automatically renewed are:

  • Check the script - verify if there is valid information for renewing the certificate in the script. The script can be found at the path: /opt/httpd/bin/letsencrypt_install_renew
  • Check cron.weekly. There should be a cron that has a symbolic link to the letsencrypt_install_renew script. Use the command ls -lah /etc/cron.weekly/ and check if the symbolic link does exist here.