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SERVERware CLI VPS Volume Restore

CLI VPS Volume Restore

VPS Volume Restore using the command-line interface

In SERVERware, it is possible to perform VPS volume restore using the command-line interface (CLI). This feature can be useful in certain situations (e.g. GUI is not accessible) and is provided to enable restore of the raw backup in a temporary folder with the purpose of file system access and restoration of important files. In order to access VPS volume content on the backup server, use the following commands:

example :

~# sw volume-restore -b /BACKUP/bj01/ -d BACKUP/vps-restore

usage: sw volume-restore [-b root_backup_path] [-d dest_volume_path]

-b flag specifies a path to the root backup folder containing individual volume backups

-d flag specifies a path to the destination ZFS volume

Volume-restore provides an interactive interface for restoring VPS volume from the backup. The following screen will appear:

After selecting which VPS volume we will restore, we need to select a restore point.

Restoration begins...

... and completes.

Next, we need to mount restored volume to a mount point.

~# mount /dev/zvol/BACKUP/vps-restore /mnt

As seen in the following picture, a complete file system is now available.

After all, work is done, we can remove the restored and mounted volume.

~# umount /mnt
~# zfs destroy BACKUP/vps-restore -r